Kunata Foundation Acquires Accomodation For Head Porters


The Humanity Magazine campaigns for humanitarian endeavors, particularly on issues of women, children and the vulnerable. 

It  serves as an advocate  journal  that stands for the    future, education, protection  and  proper welfare for  disadvantaged girls and children   popularly known as kayayei found all over in our big cities.

Over the years, the predicaments and sufferings of Kayayei has been the forgotten part of Ghana's humanity in view of the countless   hardworking girls, who are precariously sleeping on the streets and corners of Accra,Kumasi,Tema,Takoradi etc despite the continued surge of kayayei down to south .The development  has largely become a national phenomenon  in a wider  scale which requires not only  a national effort but pragmatic intervention by public  and private institutions   to team up and work with civil society in Ghana to realise  the kayayei phenomenon especially their  children’s education and empowerment effort  to  avoid the threat of vicious cycle of poverty, diseases and crime.

 First of all, we are faced with the problem of vulnerable girls and children on our streets coupled with homelessness to the advantage of unscrupulous men, who take  advantage of the state of their environment to rape, abuse, defile and have sex with such girls resulting in teenage pregnancy, spread of  disease, dangerous abortion  etc  

The Humanity Magazine’s sister body, Kunata Voluntary Organisation ,is providing protection for the girls. The KVO has created a special task force, with special hot lines, where abused girls can call the force, for quick interventions or whisk the culprits to the nearest police stations. The recent development has served the protection of the kayayei well, though there is still much to be done. The task force work closely with the police and the general public who share same ideas. 

A walk through the streets of Malata ,Dakoma,Agogogloshie,Dagomba line  at midnight represent  a horrible picture of girls sheltering on the street, in front of shops, corners and the like under the mercy of the weather, insects and the honourable mosquito.    Their plight are worsened during rainy seasons where the kayayei with their babies would stand under the mercy of the rain till the weather becomes friendly. Accommodating the girls to save their babies and evil men is among the program goals.   

 Large number of girls who migrate down south are mostly at their teens and very fertile making teenage pregnancy a challenge for the campaign. Outreach programmes geared towards teenage or unwanted pregnancy including education on dangers of unprotected sex, how to use female contraceptives, resisting the lure of their fellow males and HIV awareness should be a call for any girl-child organisation in Ghana. K.V.O does its outreach programs with paintings depicting the girls about dangers of being in such wrong situations, and urging them to be cautious in their endeavors. 

   As  I am writing  this editorial  on how to realise the girl-child phenomenon , another girl or group of young girls are on a bus/truck coming down to the south to become a Kayayei. Some of these girls as young as 8 years old  etc are actually trafficked down south by unscrupulous people for their selfish gains.   What we can all do, is to initiate a campaign through various related institutions like the Ghana private road transport union-GPRTU to stop such movements.

  It is worth noting that, the Kumasi-Kejetia Girls Center, apart from its welfare programs, and women advancement initiatives, the centre has an anti-Human trafficking unit which   coordinates with authorities in the North to strategize against such movements and punish the culprits.  This is important because Kejetia has long been a transit point for girls and children traffickers.  

The center Public Address System has been developed into Radio Kejetia to effectively share beneficial information to  kejetia market women and kayayei . And educate market women and Kayayei on important social topics such as health, including breast cancer, counseling and education on teenage, HIV awareness and prevention.

Gratefully, during the first week of every month, there would be a Breast cancer screening, and treatment program for Kejetia market women with peace and love hospital under the leadership of a renowned breast surgeon, Mrs. Beatrice Wiafe.

The Humanity Magazine and its related bodies has been vocal for the disadvantaged segment of the community.

  Whilst ending this note, we would like to extend an invitation to you to visit the Kumasi-Kejetia Kayayei center, and find the self-fulfillment that comes with volunteering for needy girls and children.  

The magazine’s sports arm uses the beautiful game of football titled football For Humanity to promote   Peace And Political Unity Before, During And After Elections In Africa For Violence Free continent. 

The Project Includes Coordinating and Observing for Free And Fair Elections, Sensitization, Documentaries, Awards And Peace Cups With Event Proceeds Channeled To Our Girl-Child Projects Across The Continent.

The Organization Have Been Active towards Ending Political Vigilantism Which is Gradually Eating into the Fabric of Slum Communities and Youth of Ghana. Our Mission: To Ensure Violent-Free Elections. Whiles our Vision: To Make the Region a Model of Stability.