Yahaya Alhassan and Marcel Desailly,Ghana-France Soccer Great

We at Humanity Magazine International are optimistic that Africa’s potential can be harnessed well to create opportunities for the vibrant and creative youth to rise up and compete with their counterparts in other parts of the world.
The focus of Humanity Magazine International is therefore to promote good relations among African countries as a prerequisite for inter-Africa trade. We believe that trade and investments among countries are the easiest ways to create jobs.
With a population of about 1.2 billion, Africa is a large market and indigenous companies should be able to take advantage and trade across borders without restrictions.
Humanity Magazine International will also push for humanitarian programs to cushion the vulnerable in society and in doing this, women and children will be given a voice to empower them to contribute to the development of the continent.
The environment will also be given prominence in our coverage of issues on Africa and world at large. We are adding our voice to the campaign for clean and green environment. The environment is the bedrock upon which Africa stands and it is an imperative for Africans to protect the environment at all times which includes the magazine and multidisciplinary approach to solve environmental and sustainability challenges as explained by Dr. Albert Ahenkan a renowned lecturer at the university of Ghana business school in this book.
The humanity medium has been instrumental in the campaign of ensuring safety measures in the oil and gas for accident free energy sector this is in collaboration with local and international media.
The sports arm of Humanity Magazine International, Football for Humanity uses the beautiful game of football to promote peace before, during, and after elections to unite any country at polls. Billed the Humanity Peace Cups, such sporting events will be held in any country that is holding elections. The program has been helpful in bringing unity in the region especially the endorsement of the peace jersey by political opponents for violence Africa.
Whiles encouraging good leadership the Humanity Magazine International Award is not only to serve as a shining examples for others to follow but serves as a performance enhancing one to boost the recipients to do more for the community.
We welcome all our cherished readers and other patrons to stay current with the good news from Africa by reading Humanity.
By;Mr.Yahaya Alhassan.C.E.O.